This is where the real action happens: on our English Language walking Bus Field Trips. If you sign up to our mailing list, you will receive a notification by e-mail about our upcoming planned excursion. Once you register to attend by emailing us by the specified date, details will be forwarded to you as they become available. You are completely free to choose whether you want to go on a particular trip, or not, but be prepared for the most exciting and fun English lessons you have ever experienced. Students usually bring their own lunch and will sometimes share a lunch. Last summer we took 18 people adults and children from over 5 ethnic groups to enjoy a picnic and a swim in Brockwell Park. The food was delicious and exotic, and everyone had a fun day learning English and went home happy and tired.

We don't currently hold evening classes as there is little demand at the moment but we will explore this in the future.

In the past we have visited diverse places including various street markets around London. We don't just visit these places as a tourist (although that is part of the fun), we actually compose shopping lists, in English, before we go and find and give directions as part of the exercise. We have also organised trips to many art galleries and museums and places of interest.

Not all trips have to be spectacular, we are primarily learning English not running a tourism site. Going to the local shops, library, doctors, advice centre or school sports days are just as good places to learn, and getting to know your local community is a good thing.

Upcoming Trips